Atomic Nucleus


Helium Nucleus 4He

Proton configuration:

Neon Nucleus 20Ne

Proton configuration:
[He] 2s2 2p6

Argon Nucleus 36Ar

Proton configuration:
[Ne] 3s2 3p6

Krypton Nucleus 84Kr

Proton configuration:
[Ar] 4s2 4d10 4p6

Xenon Nucleus 124Xe

Proton configuration:
[Kr] 5s2 5d10 5p6

Radon Nucleus 228Rn

Proton configuration:
[Xe] 6s2 6f4 6d10 6d10 6p6

Ununoctium Nucleus 298Uuo

Proton configuration:
[Rn] 7s2 7f4 7d10 7d10 7p6 


Periodic Table of Atomic Nucleus

Period s1 s2   p1 p2 p3 p4 p5 p6
1 H-1 He-2              
2 Li-3 Be-4 B-5 C-6 N-7 O-8 F-9 Ne-10
3 Na-11 Mg-12 Al-13 Si-14 P-15 S-16 Cl-17 Ar-18
4 K-19 Ca-20 * Ga-31 Ge-32 As-33 Se-34 Br-35 Kr-36
5 Rb-37 Sr-38 * In-49 Sn-50 Sb-51 Te-52 I-53 Xe-54
6 Cs-55 Ba-56 * Tl-81 Pb-82 Bi-83 Po-84 At-85 Rn-86
7 Fr-87 Ra-88 * Uut-113 Uuq-114 Uup-115 Uuh-116 Uus-117 Uuo-118

Period d1 d2 d3 d4 d5 d6 d7 d8 d9 d10
4* Sc-21 Ti-22 V-23 Cr-24 Mn-25 Fe-26 Co-27 Ni-28 Cu-29 Zn-30
5* Y-39 Zr-40 Nb-41 Mo-42 Tc-43 Ru-44 Rh-45 Pd-46 Ag-47 Cd-48
6* Pm-61 Sm-62 Eu-63 Gd-64 Tb-65 Dy-66 Ho-67 Er-68 Tm-69 Yb-70
Lu-71 Hf-72 Ta-73 W-74 Re-75 Os-76 Ir-77 Pt-78 Au-79 Hg-80
7* Np-93 Pu-94 Am-95 Cm-96 Bk-97 Cf-98 Es-99 Fm-100 Md-101 No-102
Lr-103 Rf-104 Db-105 Sg-106 Bh-107 Hs-108 Mt-109 Ds-110 Rg-111 Uub-112

Period f1 f2 f3 f4
6** La-57 Ce-58 Pr-59 Nd-60
7** Ac-89 Th-90 Pa-91 U-92

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Uranium 238U decay series

Uranium 238U alpha decay to Thorium 234Th

Thorium 234Th β- decay to protactinium 234mPa

Protactinium 234mPa β- decay Uranium 234U

Uranium 234U alpha decay to Thorium 230Th

Thorium 230Th alpha decay to Radium 226Ra

Radium 226Ra alpha decay to Radon 222Rn

Radon 222Rn alpha decay to Polonium 218Po

Polonium 218Po alpha decay to Lead 214Pb

Lead 214Pb β- decay to Bismuth 214Bi

Bismuth 214Bi β- decay to Polonium 214Po

Polonium 214Po alpha decay to Lead 210Pb

Lead 210Pb β- decay to Bismuth 210Bi

Bismuth 210Bi β- decay to Polonium 210Po

Polonium 210Po alpha decay to Lead 206Pb



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Uranium Nucleus 238U

Half life: 4.468 billion years
Abundance: 99.27%
Proton configuration:
[Rn] 7s2 7f4

Uranium Nucleus 238U is the largest natural atomic nucleus on earth

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